Outdoor activities

You can always find outdoor activities in Kumlinge. Popular things to do include hiking, running, bicycling, kajaking, fishing, hunting and discgolf. 

There are hiking trails, public beaches, tennis court and other sports facilities. 

If you move around the nature of Kumlinge it is not uncommon to meet an elk or fox face to face. If you're here during autumn you can pick mushrooms and in the summer there are wild berries. You are not, however, allowed to camp in the wild on Åland. You need to ask the land owner if you want to do that but we recommend that you visit our camping sites or other lodging.

On the main island, Kumlinge, there is a hiking trail "Kumlinge åttan" that takes you through beautiful forest and rocky terrain and passes by some sites with spectacular views. The easiest way to access the trail is to park at the church or "Kumlinge Gästhamn". The trail in 12,5 km.

On Seglinge island the trail takes you on a slightly longer, circular, trail through hazel nut forests, juniper fields and over solid rock. After some strife you come to "Delet" with its rolling waves. Here at the coast you can find potholes where during the ice age large stones have been drilling holes in the rock below. This trail starts at "Smedjan" (old blacksmith's house). You can park near "Smedjan". The trail is 8 km.